I like to call Marvin – AirFi’s Paratrooper.

I say this because of the trust I have on his uncanny ability to go into an unfamiliar situation with relatively little information, orient himself to the problem at hand, turn around the situation and deliver a positive result.

~ Job Heimerikx – CEO, AirFi BV, The Hague

I’m Marvin and I’ve spent the last 4 years building award-winning products that lie at the intersection of aviation and deep technology. Here’s a brief on my journey so far.

I graduated in the summer of 2016 with a degree in aeronautical engineering and the prestigious KCG Leadership Award from Anna University, India.

🛑 The link to my resumé is present at the bottom of this section 🛑

Defence Research Development Organisation (India’s DARPA/ Skunk Works)

Started my journey solidifying my knowledge of the aerospace domain as a flight structural engineer with one of India’s most elite institutions – the Defence Research Development Organization (India’s DARPA).

Quickly transitioned into Project Management and got my first real taste of managing large scale projects, global teams and the high international standards associated with aviation tech products.

AirFi Aero BV (Aviation Tech – IFE Global Market Leader)

Switched gears to join AirFi BV, a Netherlands based aviation tech startup as a Product Manager. As the very first Product Manager of the company, my job was making sense of chaos and bringing structure to product development.

I helmed the development of a portable IFE device that went on to dominate the market and win multiple aviation tech awards. During this time of hyper-growth for the company, I focused my efforts on developing Product Roadmaps, Sprint Planning – Product Delivery, defining Product metric KPIs and UX design. Landed the moniker of being AirFi’s Paratrooper for my ability to deal with uncertainty and rapidly devise solutions around problems.

Looking back, I attribute my success at AirFi to my background in aerospace engineering which helped me onboard avionics, build ARINC-429 integrations, perform EASA regulatory compliance, and some good old creativity and elbow grease. This gave me an edge over my non-aerospace technical IT product manager colleagues.

Marvin-Diaz-APEX-Singapore-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
Presenting the AirFi IFE solution to airline customers at one of the world’s largest Aviation Tech events – APEX Singapore
Marvin-Diaz-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
Smiles all around at the successful Product Delivery for 4 large airlines based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Aerologix Pty Ltd (UAV Tech – A.I. automated drone flight)

I currently work as the sole Product Manager at Aerologix Pty Ltd, a Sydney based drone data and drone deep-tech company. As a Product Manager for an early-stage startup, I wear multiple hats and apply my earlier experience and eye for detail to everything from converting a business requirement into a product feature to managing scrums for the small but global team.

I’m currently charting the product roadmap, building the product from scratch, directing sales, studying Machine Learning, Image Analytics and priming the product for hypergrowth!

Transitioning from managing products in aviation tech to drone technology was a conscious choice to stay abreast of the curve and build relevant skills for the future of the Aerospace industry.

To most people, Aerospace, Aviation and Drones are used interchangeably but having worked in all three spheres I have a keen understanding of how interlinked the three industries are but at the same time have an insider’s lens and can appreciate the unique challenges that each of these sectors face.

Marvin-Diaz-OCS-Shanghai-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
Representing the Aerologix Pty Ltd A.I. drone solution at the OCS Innovation & Entrepreneurship awards, Shenzhen PRC

Geographies & Regions of work experience

Marvin-Diaz-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
From being summoned by the Sultan of Brunei to managing a team of 10 in Indonesian capital of Jakarta!

Working with AirFi during their hyper-growth and expansion phase gave me the opportunity to develop a strong sense of international business etiquette and cultural sensitivity. I’ve worked with clients from all 5 continents, have delivered projects that required me to travel to and work from most of the Eastern hemisphere and build a rich awareness of the markets located in Western Europe and much of the European Union.

Download Resume – Marvin Diaz 2020 ⬇️

Marvin-Diaz-South-Korea-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
My office for the better part of the last half decade ✈️

Social causes

I’m a strong advocate of putting technology and ingenuity to work to solve the heaps of social issues that modern India faces.

Bangalore Police Department – Emergency Services Drone Pilot

Marvin-Diaz-Covid-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management-Pilot

I’m an active duty Volunteer with the Bangalore Police department Covid-19 task force, working in densely populated, high-risk areas with high rates of Covid-19 transmission to undertake aerial surveys within the tight confines of low-income, minority and migrant neighborhoods.

Police chief of the City of Bangalore on setting up a volunteer drone Police division to check the spread of Covid in high risk areas
Bangalore-Marvin-Diaz-pilot-Drone-UAM-UAV-Product Management
Another day on the job – mapping population density distribution of “high-risk” neighborhoods

Innovator at Europe’s largest “Low-Tech” Innovation Lab – “NOMADE DES MERS

The Nomade des Mers or Nomad of the seas is a project under the “Gold of Bengal” program to enable some of Europe’s top “Low-Tech” scientists to identify innovators and projects from across the world, travel to the innovator’s home location, work with the innovator to prototype the invention, document the project and open source the idea so it can reach maximum utilization by people from across the world.

High technology is not always the solution to solve the developing world’s most basic needs. Sometimes, low tech, inexpensive solutions that can be built by anyone, literate or otherwise – has the maximum impact on the largest groups of people.

Together with Sampath Reddy – a former fellow aerospace engineer and Rajat Kukreja – a musician and sustainability expert, I identified homelessness to be a big problem that could be solved by low-tech and low-cost housing. Re-purposing recyclable packaging materials – compressed fiber, slotted angles and compressed cement boards was the solution to building a house that costed less than an iPhone.

We raised funds for prototyping through crowdfunding a successful campaign, built a prototype, got selected by Nomade des Mers as an inventor. The French team of scientists traveled to Bangalore to work with us on the final prototyping, documentation, open-source publication for maximum benefit to the people in developing countries, and “pollination” of the idea to various different port calls they made after this project.

Prototype – 1A constructed with recycled compressed fibre board and used slotted angles

India’s largest high tech publication covering our seemingly out of place “Low-tech” innovation

Aurora Charitable Society

Though it’s not known to many, India hosts one of the world’s largest refugee populations. These populations come from different conflict areas across the world – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

A few friends and I started Aurora in our second year at university. The objective of Aurora was to sensitize the local populace to the plight of stateless refugees in UNHCR camps located around the outskirts of Chennai, southern India. On the inside, the aim was to facilitate projects that improve the quality of life for the refugees living inside the refugee camps and better the life prospects of the refugees by increasing their ability to assimilate into Indian society. Aurora has one successful project to its name, working closely with Chin & Rohingya refugees from Myanmar – in close collaboration of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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