I’ve spent most of my life looking up.

Looking up at the skies -airplanes, birds and even at the dimly lit stars through the smoggy urban Indian skies. The very idea of defying gravity and flight has fascinated me for as long as I can remember and continues to blow my mind to this day. Though I’ve managed to turn my childhood fascination into a full-time job, I’ve got a few more interests I pursue after I call it a day at the office.

When I’m not at work, you can find me shuffling between recording locations with an over-sized duffel bag stuffed full of audio recording equipment or writing on Product Management at Startups, Drone Technology, Geo-Politics and Military Strategy.

My interests are quite varied so I’ve taken the liberty to collate them below with links to some of my work.

The Centre Sage Podcast 🧠

Centre Sage is a podcast that tries to identify and formulate success, hosted by yours truly.

On Centre Sage, I scour the corners of the earth seeking out modern-day sages and wise subject matter experts. I talk to them about their best successes and most spectacular failures all in the hopes that YOU get to pick up a thing or two at the end of every episode!

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I write about Aerospace tech, drones, Product Management, Geo-Politics and most importantly, my experience building companies. I also like to document how a competitive startup lifestyle affects my worldview and everyday life in India’s Silicone Valley – Bangalore.


Growing up in a musical family, I’ve always had an affiliation with playing music. Though I spent almost 15 years studying classical piano and completing 5 grades of the ABRSM classical piano, it wasn’t until university did I find my calling with an instrument that stands in stark contrast with my classical music education.

Right after the completion of my 5th grade, I took to the drums, playing in a number of cover bands and worked my way into the bass guitar when I moved into a densely populated section of Bangalore city and didn’t have enough room for an acoustic drum kit or unhappy neighbors. I swapped out my drumsticks for the closest instrument – the bass guitar and have been teaching myself to play ever since. 👨‍🎤

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