If you’ve made it this far, you probably already have a fair idea of what keeps me busy during my workdays and weekends.

Who we are as people is a conscious decision that each of us gets to make. Who I am is based on a set of certain beliefs that I hold close to my identity.

#1 – As individuals, we are all products of how we use our time and the actions we take that define our humanity.

Spending time doing the things we love (contributing to the society is always a plus), satisfying our unique ideals of happiness and the ability to choose to be humane whenever we have a choice is what defines us as individuals and more importantly – as humans.


#2 – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable is not a pleasant feeling. Taking to a room full of distinguished guests, Diving into the deep end of the pool, pushing yourself to do those last 2 reps, or even asking out the cute girl at the party. Do it enough times and you start to ease into it.

It’s funny that the first time I heard about this way of life was when I watched Eddie Izzard being interviewed on BBC1 as a teenager. That’s right, I learned my life’s biggest lesson on the philosophy of grit and determination from a British transvestite comedian with acrylic nails. Funny how life works.

#3 – Consistency = Results

We get good at things by doing them over and over again. Efforts always compound to produce results.

I put these beliefs on my wall so I am reminded of what I choose to live by everyday 🐶

#4 – Stay grateful – What are you grateful for today?

Again, something that is easier said than done but it always helps to look back to where you’ve reached and your unique journey. At the end of the day, if you’ve been moving forward and making progress, you have someone or something to be thankful for. This person or thing helps you appreciate things a lot more.

#5 – Go that extra step

In every profession, there are going to be people who choose to go beyond what they’re expected to perform. Some call it an eye for detail, others call if a quality oriented mindset or perfectionism.

India is often hailed as being the land of the “jugaad” – the contemporary Hindi word for the temporary hack. Though some jugaad solutions are both innovative and resourceful, most of Indian society has always been averse to planning and doing things in an organized fashion to produce high-quality results. Mediocrity and cookie-cutter career paths are often glorified. This is a mould that I have never fit into.

Working for most of my career with Dutch and German workstyles has really allowed the inner hyper-organizer and perfectionist to thrive to a point where it has become second nature. A strong eye for detail and getting things first time right is crucial to delivering a high-quality product.

#6 – Take pride in your work

Always be proud of what you’re putting out – personal or professional. If you’re not excited to be putting something out, review it and polish it well before putting it up.

Things I want to do before 2024

  • Get a Private Pilot’s License and log 250 hours of flight time on a Cessna-172
  • Make the avgeek pilgrimage to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • Setup auto monthly donations – 12.5% of my monthly salary to wildlifesos, Karnataka (sloth bear rehabilitation), Akshara Foundation, Karnataka (keeping children educated & fed) & M.A.P. (refugee representation)
  • Become an angel investor in a drone tech/ UAM / UTM / FMS space
  • Learn to whistle (quite embarrassing that I’m 26 years old and cannot whistle for the life of me)
  • Meet someone I can adopt a dog with
  • Perform my original music at Glastonbury 2024 under the emerging talent entry program
  • Complete my comedy novel and find the right publisher
  • Get back to sailing dinghies and watersport
  • Few others like getting my PADI & Skydiving but I’m convinced that those will fall into place once my finance streams are setup


That’s all folks!

Thanks for stopping by and tuning in.

The vaccine rollout is rather slow so I’m going to be stuck indoors for the foreseeable future and would love to hear from you!

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